“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

The main attraction of India tourism is some of its marvelous Fort or palace, and temples, which tells about the rich culture, history, and the great science used by our ancestor while construction of the building. Below are some of the common term that you will come across while visiting the Fort in India or any Palace. I have listed some of the most common ones to help you out:-

Glossary for Indian Fort and Palace

Diwan-i-amm Hall for public audience
Diwan-i-khass hall for private audience
Baoli Step well
Haveli Urban Mansion
Hammam Steam Bath
Dharwaja Gate or doorway
Gumbad Dome
Hauz Ablution pool in mosque courtyard
Durg Fort
Dad Mahal Place of Justice
Chajja Angles overhang, similar to balcony
Char-bagh Four square garden
Chabutra raised Platform
Burj Fortified tower
Imambara Hall used during Muharram for Shia celebration
Mihrab niche in a prayer hall of a mosque, indicating the direction of mecca
Mazar small wayside shrine
Masjid graveyard, tomb
Maqbara guest house
Manzil place, mansion
Majlis khana Assembly hall
Jama-at-Khana community hall
Jharna water cascade

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