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Golconda Fort is a major tourist attraction in Hyderabad and allures every visitor with its great architecture, beauty, and grandeur. Hyderabad is a dream city for every Telugu actor and a place where most of the Tollywood movies are shot. Golconda is also very famous for movie shooting place in Hyderabad. Bollywood movies like “Tere Naam”,”Singham Returns” were also shooted here. This adds one more reason to visit the place. The fort also has its name associated with the world famous “kohinoor” Diamond. So I decided to have a look and explore its architecture. I reached the fort at around 11:00 a.m. and it was quite hot, as Hyderabad hardly have winters but the weather is pleasant from November to January. Fort is situated in the main city center and has a good market nearby with different food options.

Security Wonders of Golconda Fort

As you enter the fort you can view the massive wall  just in front of entry gate. The way to fort entry gate is not very broad, the reason behind this is that whenever someone attacks then elephant can not hit the door directly and first fort wall need to be damaged, which was further protected by a canon from where hot oil was poured in case of any attack to defend the enemy.

Entry gate of Golconda Fort, Hyderabad
Entry gate of Golconda Fort
Canon on entry gate, golconda fort, hyderabad
Canon on entry gate
Iron Weight, golconda fort, hyderabad
Iron Weight

As soon as you enter the entrance gate you will find lots of people clapping at particular section below the dome, and its sound could be heard at the highest point of the hill-top, known as Bala Hissar. It proves the architectures excellence in acoustics during that era. This was a signal to warn royals for attack in the ancient times.  You will also see a canon which was gifted to royals by Britishers in 1875. There is a iron weight of 250kg which a person needs to lift to join army (I was not even able to shake that;)).

Architectural Wonders of Golconda Fort

We took a guide to understand the architectural wonder of fort, after explaining the acoustics effect we moved to a place where royal’s guest were served. Since there were no AC in old days, there were some open structure with a tank in which water was filled. The structure was so intricately designed that hot winds of summer converts into cool breeze. There was also a hook where swing were prepared for entertainment and relaxation. This explains the fabulous ventilation of the fort having exotic designs.

After that we saw the RamDas jail, Ramdas was minister who was jailed for 12 years and then released. There were places when documents were managed and guide also shows us a place where high authority people use to address the visitors, and visitors checking was done before meeting the royals. There is a beautiful garden in the middle of Golconda fort.

We then saw Diwan-e-Khas and Diwan-e-aam, the place for ministers to discuss facts. There was a place inside the complex where king address the visitor (especially messangers of other royals), the messanger was asked to stand at a particular circular section  before king came so that even his little activity to harm king can be known by anyone as that place has an echo effect and even a small sounds get amplified and echo around the wall. You can check that by hitting hard on your cloth, most of the people will be doing that so just check them out.

Mud Pipes, golconda fort, hyderabad
Mud Pipes
Masjid wall on Golconda fort, hyderabad
Masjid wall on Golconda

Guide told us that Queen’s chamber had no mirrors but water pit was used by queen to view her beauty because earlier it was believed that repeatedly looking into the mirror  leads to dark spots on the skin of the Queens. He also showed us the mud pipes which were used to carry hot and cold water to upper floors for King, these are now deteriorated.

golconda fort, hyderabad
structure on wall which cause sound to amplify, when someone stands under it.
Inner wall of Golconda fort, hyderabad
Corner of the all in the images can make even a whisper sound to be listen carefully

We then moved towards the King’s guest room, which has the amazing architecture, if you whisper from one corner of a room, it can be clearly heard from the other end. After this palace we came to an open area where there was water fountain in the center and light was reflected by the “Nakkashi” on the walls, illuminating the whole place. In olden days Diamond were places in the walls and were arranged in such a way that when lamps were lit then light illuminates the whole area. This place was used to organize shows for king entertainment and is now used for light show.

Nakashi, golconda fort, hyderabad
The design on wall has holes where diamonds were embedded to illuminate the place
nakashi, golconda fort, hyderabad
Diya and diamond where place on wall to illuminate the place

At last guide left us below and asked us to proceed towards temple and Masjid if we want, for that we have to took stairs. It took us around half an hour to climb up. There is masjid built for the kings to pray and also a kali mata mandir on top in fort complex. We enjoyed the city view from the mosque which is the highest point of the fort.

Golconda fort, hyderabad
Landscape view from masjid in Golconda
Golconda Fort, hyderabad
Landscape view from Masjid in Golconda

Sadly, the unique architecture of the fort is now losing its charm. The architecture of fort thus tells the great understanding of our ancestors about the facets of sound echo as well as amplification i.e, understanding of sound physics. They used very common material for their sound reflection like clay pots and pans and blended them into the building material. The implemented the use of use of compression and amplification.

No matters how much I write about the wonders of Golconda Fort it won’t be worth until you have a visit to this glorious fort.

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