Today, I thought to note down the list of flight booking website that I prefer for myself. Being an Indian the list is related to domestic travel more and my research is based on that itself. There are several top websites that have won the race among other, I always look for new websites so that I can compare and get the best deal. We will discuss websites in terms of accessibility, discount options, customer service.



A very popular Indian based online platform for travelling, this is the first website 60% of us open when we look for any travel option. MakeMyTrip user interface is very easy which eases the accessibility for every section of users, they offer discount options at more competitive rates than others, and their customer service is also superb. I have been preferring MakeMyTrip for most of my flights’ booking. And the best part is MMTDoubleBlack benefits of free cancellation is a superb idea.


Easemytrip though not that popular but offers a great discount in comparison to other websites, it is also easily accessible and offers convenient air ticket. But I found it lacks a bit in terms of website design quality, and also its customer service is not up to mark. Sometimes need to explain a lot about small things to these people. One can go with it is looking for an attractive discount.


A well known online Indian travel agency, they have a quick and easy online interface offering flights bookings to customers at attractive rates. is also easily accessible with great discount and superb customer service. Cancellation and Rescheduling of flight are a very sorted out process with this web portal. This website is also most considered by me for flight bookings.


Another travel portal that will help you with great flight booking service. They have great customer care service, attractive discounts and easy accessibility. Though I use it very often but they have their own market and is very popular among travellers.


Above all four, MakeMyTrip always wins the race with their special benefits. Though there are many other websites all throughout over the internet but they have not made their name to my list yet. I will update it once I will find something better. Consider the above reviews for your next flight booking and comments your experience with the above portals or if any other you found that can take their place. Happy and safe travelling…



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