Vizag or Vishakapatnam is a coastal region in Andra Pradesh. This new year we went to Vizag and enjoyed a lot, every year there is a festival held at end of the year on RK beach which gathers lots of crowds and turns the beach into life. If staying near around the Telangana or Andra then Vizag is the perfect place for celebrating the new year. Below is a list of places that you can visit in Vizag.

Rushikonda Beach – Vizag is all about beaches

One of the most visited beach in Vizag. The crystal clear water, lush green plants and wide golden stretch of sands attract everyone to this beach. It is an ideal place in Vizag to enjoy the water sports, and take a dip in seawater as changing room, clothes and every facility is available here. The beach has a great market near it and food options to make your trip more enjoyable. We went to the beach twice during our three days stays and played with water. This is my favourite place in Vizag among all.

Rushikonda Beach, vizag
Enjoying at Rushikonda Beach

Ramakrishna or RK beach – places to enjoy Visaka Utsav

Since we went on the new year we got a chance to enjoy the Visakha Utsav. It was the first time I enjoyed a live show of KK that too without any entry fee. Normally every year from 28th to 30th December this festival is held and there are various activities that you can enjoy on the beach. Such as Рlive concerts, different cuisine, different contests, sports activities, folk & classical performances,  an amusement zone, and much much more.

Apart from this as well the rocks belt make the beach more photogenic and memorable. There are stairs to sit and enjoy the beauty of the sea or nature.

RK Beach, Vizag
RK Beach
RK Beach, Vizag
RK Beach


Submarine Museum – one of the most interesting for naval enthusiastic

You can’t dare to miss the chance to take a look and go inside a real submarine named¬†INS Kurusura Submarine (now decommissioned). The museum is on beach road itself, few kilometres away from RK beach and this giant submarine will surely attract you towards it. You can get inside it and guide will be available to explain to you the parts, proper labelling are also there to make you understand the life of our navy inside the submarine.

Submarine at Vizag beach
Submarine at vizag beach
Inside view of submarine, Vizag
Inside view of submarine

Kailasagiri – ride a ropeway

Situated on beach road exist a hill in the middle of the city to give you an aerial view of Vizag beach. The view from the hilltop is mesmerizing and very relaxing. To reach kailasagiri you have all the options took steps, ropeway or you can also go by road. There are several things to do here itself – enjoy at viewpoint (i must say titanic viewpoint), enjoy spirituality at garden which has a huge sculpture of Shiva and Paravati and you can also enjoy a ride in the toy train which makes a round of the hill and will give a look to the whole city from the hilltop. This is the perfect place to get some of the

Shiv Parvati Sculpture at kailsagiri - Vizag
Shiv Parvati Sculpture at kailsagiri – Vizag
Toy train at kailasagiri - vizag
Toy train at kailasagiri – vizag
kailasagiri, vizag
Something for sure we are trying to achieve – toy train track kailasagiri
kailasagiri, vizag
viewpoint from kailasagiri – vizag


Simhachalam – get spiritual here

A very famous and ancient temple in the hilly area, surrounded by greenery. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and has a cubical sanctum Sanctorum and a gold plated vimana. The temple has a big campus and is always full of the devotee.




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