Hampi is a city of temples, situated in the north of Karnataka, and is recognized by UNESCO for world heritage. Hampi has numerous historical monuments and is extremely rich in history. It is situated on the bank of Tungabhadra river. Hampi not only has a rich history but also has religious importance and was known as ‘Kishkinda and Pami’ in Ramayana age. Every monument of Hampi has its own story.

 State Hampi is suitated in:  Karnataka
 Ideal duration: 2-4 days
 Best time: Oct-Mar
 Theme: Must visit for heritage or history lover

Hampi is an overnight journey from Bengaluru, Goa, and Hyderabad and nearest station is Hospet. It has bus stop also so that you can reach easily. Make sure to hire a guide so that you can enjoy the rich history of the ruined city.

Hampi was the capital of the Vijayanagar empire at around 1500 AD, and was considered to be the second largest city in the world at that time. Over the time it lost its importances, due to Mughal attacks. They looted and destroyed the city for a long time. Now what remains is just the ruins for us to explore which consists of temples such as Virupaksha temple and other structures spread out over a vast area. There are mainly three sites that you will be viewing, two of them go side by side of Tunghbhadra river, thus terrain around Hampi are mysterious, the city is surrounded by boulders of different sizes. Hampi was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986 and several efforts have been taken by the government to restore the lost glory of the place. No modern development are allowed to build in the vicinity of the village.


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1. Lambani crafts: At Hampi market, you can find a number of women selling Lambani crafts.

2. Musical instruments: There are several multiple shops that are selling musical instruments here. It includes tabla, guitar, drums, jumbo flute and more. All those instruments are crafted to be perfect. “Indian musical shop” is a cool place where you can find cool musical stuff.

3. Purchase Leather: The city has some good shop from where you can buy leather bags.

4. Hampi’s hippie clothes: There are multiple shops selling hippie clothes. These clothes are light and not too expensive. You can also find some fine handcrafted works.

5. Buy brass and bronze product: Shops are selling the replica of Hampi temple and gods in small and large brass and bronze product.



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