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Random things are better than a planned one just as random click, random trip. So was my Lansdowne trip.

lansdowne, Uttrakhand
Tip n Top view Lansdowne

My unplanned trip to Lansdowne was just an amazing and worth exploring. It was a Friday night,  We four friends were ideally sitting in a room and as usual were getting bored. It was January with temperature quite low in Delhi at around 10:00 pm. Someone among us come up with an idea to wander somewhere, so everyone jumps into the conversation and it continues for 2 hours. Thank God to Google Baba we were finally agreed to visit a place, which named as “Lansdowne“. Without any delay, we booked a Cab to Landsdowne, we pack a pair of clothes but all of us were in shorts or night lowers.  The cab took 20-30 min to reach our place and then we started our Journey towards one of the most beautiful and scenic places of Uttarakhand.  It was 1:00 a.m. when we left Delhi and it took us about 7-8 hrs to reach there from Delhi. We took our first break at Dhaba in Meerapur, it struck 4:00 by then and we continued towards Kotdwar.

Our first stop was at Sidhabali temple, a lord Hanuman temple. It is a historic temple and people pray here with great devotion. Khoh river touches the feet of the temple and you will lot of people bathing over here. As per our tradition we first took the holy bath and then went to the temple. The temple is situated on a small hill, thus there are several steps which takes you to the main deity.   I had already heard about these temples from my Kotdwar friends so thought to visit it once. After darshan, We come to know about one more famous temple “Maa Durga Temple” at Duggada. This is a very small temple but it is a very famous and center of faith among local people.  As per the belief of local people, this temple saves the route from accidents, so we decided to go there. We stay there for 30minutes and then moved to our destination.

Lansdowne, uttrakhand

Lansdowne is a hill station in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. The hill station was established as a military base under British rule.  We reachedLansdowne by 11:00 am. It was very beautiful, it has scenic beauty and peaceful weather. Here we saw a glimpse of British bungalow and church. We had a breathtaking view of the beautiful Himalayan range and splendors vast valley view of lower Himalayan range.  We saw a couple of viewpoints and did boating in “Bhulla Tal“, a small lake in Lansdowne but we enjoyed the boating with a beautiful scenic view.  It is an unsaid ritual that no hill station trip ends without having Maggi, so we had Maggi. After that we moved to “Tip N Top“. This is the center of attraction of Lansdowne, as expected it was very crowdy. We choose off the road and climb a hill and sit at the height of the hill, from there Himalaya was very clear with the cold breeze. We were there until evening and enjoyed the great sunset. Now it was the time to say goodbye to the beautiful town. So we headed toward Delhi.

Best time to go Landsdowne: Although we went there in the month of January, the best time is anytime between March-October.

Tip N Top Landsdowne, uttrakhand
Captured the magnificent Himalayan range


Tip N Top Lansdowne,uttrakhand
Another captured image from viewpoint of Lansdowne
Landsdown Viewpoint, uttrakhand
Landsdown Viewpoint



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