An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ― Martin Buber


Being native to Delhi I have visited zoological park several times but I must say Hyderabad zoological park is a must visit place and will surely change the concept of zoological park if you have seen the way animal are treated in Delhi zoological park.

National zoological park in Hyderabad was established in 1959 and was opened for public in 1963. It is the largest zoological park of India which you will surely feel once you visit, so spacious, every animal is kept in ample amount of space. The most enjoyable part will be lion safari where you can see lion, tiger roaming just around your van. Try to get first safari so that you can have high chance to view wildlife later due to disturbance and of course timing, animal will not be seen to active.

Located in :  Hyderabad

Ideal duration: 1 days

Best time: Anytime except when its tool hot (avoid April and May)

Theme: Must visit for Kids specially and animal lover.

There is a special park for butterfly, where you can have some awesome clicks of butterfly and we also found a peacock roaming freely in Butterfly Park. You can also enjoy nocturnal animal zone, reptiles and different kind of snakes.

Nehru zoological park Hyderabad was established with mainly two objective; firstly, of conserving and breeding of endangered species and rehabilitating them. Secondly, to educate the public about wildlife and generate awareness and to facilitate researches on animal behavior, their rehabilitation and breeding patterns.

There are proper facility to get drinking water, first aid facility, toilets and washrooms, battery operated vehicles, separate parking area, along with benches and other shelters for rest that have been strategically placed throughout the park. There are inbuilt canteens nearby Rhino section, several others are their which we did not found open. You can also avail a Guest house for rent from 9 AM to 5.50 PM.

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