After a long ideal time, I am again on a visit and have started exploring places in and around Pune. Mahabaleshwar, a small hill station near Pune, was in the top of my list. Here, I am sharing all my experience with you.

Strawberry Desert at elephant head point, Mahabaleshwar
Strawberry Desert at elephant head point

I started early morning a reached Mahabaleshwar by 10 a.m. On the bus stand of Mahabaleshwar, you can easily find lots of guide for sightseeing with various package options. The best way to go to Mahabaleshwar will be a bike but from Pune, it’s very tough to find a rented bike for Mahabaleshwar, as due to some safety reasons rented bikes are not allowed in the area. Thanks, to State Bus transport you can easily prebook your bus online and that is the easiest and budget-friendly way to reach Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar has lots of sightseeing places to offer but due to time shortage, we visited a few of them. One of the best sightseeing places is elephant point, or also known as Needle hole point or Kate’s Point. Basically, at one location there are around 3 points with different views. The elephant point has the natural rock formation with a hole in between, It just looks like an elephant trunk. The view from the point is really inspiring and don’t forget to enjoy the strawberry shakes and ice cream on the point. There is a shop over there from more than 50 years which sells mouthwatering strawberry shakes and ice cream. You will simply love to enjoy the shake and a jaw-dropping view with your beloved one.

View from elephant head point, Mahabaleshwar
View from elephant head point
Elephant point - Mahabaleshwar
Elephant point
Strawberry at Mahabaleshbar
Strawberry at Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is well famous for strawberry, so don’t miss to see strawberries garden. The best place to see and enjoy the taste is the Mapro garden. Mapro garden is a one-stop destination for your sweet tooth, with various flavor available in candies, shakes and the best part is you can try out the samples and make your choice accordingly. The garden drives me crazy by its flavored shakes available.

The place is well planned for all ages – kids will have their play area, you can cool down your hunger in an available restaurant which has delicious food and chocolate lovers can enjoy in a chocolate factory. If you are going in March/April do visit the garden as they conduct a strawberry festival as well.

If you are a sunrise lover then go to Wilson point is meant for you. Being in Mahabaleshwar this is the best place to kickstart your journey. The point is facilitated with three platforms or watchtower from where tourist can enjoy the pristine nature and appreciate the beauty.

And this is the place where you can end your journey – the sunset point. Watching the sun vanishing in the valley from atop of hill is awe-inspiring as the sun paints the sky with different shades before leaving dark behind. It entertains you by providing a colorful sky combined with a soothing atmosphere and pleasant weather.

Mahabaleshwar is blessed with a beautiful lake – Venna lake. You can spend quality time sitting near the lake enjoying various snacks as well as you can enjoy the boat ride at the lake, which is always peaceful and soothing. There are many more other points in Mahabaleshwar that you can explore such as Arthur Seat. So do visit the beautiful hill station and let us know about your experience on the same.

Veena lake -mahabaleshwar
Veena lake -mahabaleshwar



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