Moon!  When I was a kid, moon was fascinating to me. We used to hear about sun and moon, unfortunately, no one can observe the sun with the bare eye but we can observe the moon. Later I grow up, but the moon is still fascinating to me. In India, kids say moon to “Chanda mama ” as well. Today, Everyone has seen Blood Super Blue moon, the moon left its presence in my heart. Normally, Moon appears to be white but today(31-Jan-2018) due to lunar eclipse appeared dusty-red.  There are some facts you should know about blood moon:

A blood moon is a full moon that is going through a total eclipse. The color of a moon appears rusty-reddish which is caused by reflection of sunlight.

When the moon is closest to earth and appears bigger than it is known as Super Moon.

Blue moon is the second full moon in a month. Normally, Blue moon happens once in every 2 years and eight months but in 2018 it will happen twice, On Jan 31 and March 31, last blue moon was in September 2015.

So today we had lunar eclipse with a full moon and here are some of the images:-

Super Blood Moon, hyderabad
Blue Super Moon (Time for lunar eclipse to end)


Super Blood Moon, mysore

The beauty of moon is unexplainable in words here, it was just an amazing evening with blue super Moon.







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