Kurnool is a major city of Andra Pradesh situated at the bank of River Tungabhadra and is a major weekend gateway from Hyderabad.Kurnool is around 220from Hyderabad around 3.5 hours journey and road to Kurnool are superb, Kurnool is in between the route of Hyderabad – Banglore with lots of Dhaba and hotels in between, especially nearby Hyderabad.

Alampur – Shaktipeeth


Alampur is a historic place, around 30 km from Kurnool city, having Jogulamba Temple – one of the Shaktipeeth and a group of nine monuments or temple that shows a different form of Lord Shiva. The temples are a great example of Badami Chalukyan architecture and are situated on the bank of River Tungabhadra. Read more about Alampur

Yaganti temple

yaganti templeAround 90km from Kurnool city lies the archeological wonder temple – Yaganti – the temple where the idol of Nandi grows itself 1 inch in every 20 years. The temple is surrounded by a great view with several caves which adds some magnificent views to the surroundings. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. check here to read more about Yaganti temple.

Oravakallu rock garden

Oravakallu rock gardenAround 30 km from Kurnool city is situated a natural rock garden also known as Oravakallu rock garden. The places will take you towards the beauty of nature and you can experience a peace. The place is now maintained by Andra Pradesh tourism and you will also get accommodation, there is a restaurant in the campus. Check out more about  Oravakallu rock garden here.


Belum Caves

Belum CavesBuddha Statue near belum cavesLargest and longest cave in the Indian subcontinent – The Belum Caves – have stalactite and stalagmite formations. The caves have the long passage and are very spacious from inside. These are the naturally formed caves by the underground flow of water in the course of tens of thousands of year.The deepest point of caves reaches Pathal Ganga. There is Budha statue installed near Belum caves which are another attraction nearby.


Kurnool Fort

Kurnool FortKurnool fort is the main attraction of Kurnool, the construction of fort dates back to 12th century. In old days the city was used as a base for halting before crossing the Tungabhadra River and Cartman used to apply grease to their cart( Kurnool is derived from Kandanavolu, Kandanavolu is a combination of Kandana and volu and kandana means grease). Thus the fort was made as a King’s halting point. Vijayanagar ruler Devaraya II and Achyutaraya built the initial fort between 1530 to 1542.





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