boat sea view on return from janjira fort
Boat view on return from Janjira Fort

Recently I went to Pune for some official work. On the weekend,  We planned to visit  Janjira fort which is situated in the coastal village of Murud. Me and one of my friend planned to drive to Janjira fort.  We have started our journey from  “Dombivli, Mumbai” to Janjira fort at 8:00 am.

The Journey

The distance from Dombivli to Jannira fort is 155 K.M.  It took 6 hrs to reach there and we were driving WagonrR.  Janjira fort is situated in the Arabian Sea so first, we stayed at a beach that was on the way to JaniraFortWe parked the car in the parking and noticed that they are not giving any parking slip and parking is a bit costly. We had 2 kids with us, so we spend some time playing at the beach and took a boat to reach Janjira fort.

The ticket to Fort visit costs 50 rs/person for Indian and  300rs/person for Foreigners. You have to return from the fort on time so please remember your motorboat name or the person name from the small boat. We boarded to the fort and started moving towards The Janjira Fort, check some of the clicks which I took while return.

The Guide

There is no proper guide for the fort but the crew person from boat claim himself as a guide, and he will charge Rs. 3000 for full boat passengers to be shared equally.Rs. 500 per family or Rs. 300 per individual. Getting a guide from the boat crew has some benefits and some drawbacks

The benefit is that he will have some knowledge about the fort and drawback is that he will complete the fort visit in 20 min. But actually it is a great fort with the great scenic view so it will take around 1-1.5 hr to explore the beautiful creation and if you love photography then it would take some more time. 🙂
Janjira fort

The Fort

History and amazing facts

Being surrounded by water, the Janjira fort is also referred to Island fort.  The amazing structure was built by Malik Ambar, who was an Abyssinian minister in the court of the Sultan of Ahmednagar. The fort was built during the end of the 17th century and till date withstood the tests of time.

Like other great Indian forts, this one also has its own history and amazing facts. The fort is never conquered by any outsider and the reason behind this is its geography, the Fort is built up very strong and there is no easy path to reach the Fort. If someone wants to win this fort then either they will have to strike by cannon or you have to send their soldier to this fort by boat. The fort used to have 500 cannon earlier but now only a few lefts. Over 350 years, the Janjira Fort remained unconquered and survived from the attacks of the great rulers like Shivaji, Sambhaji and the Peshwas.
Janjira fort
The entry gate of the Fort is not easily recognizable and it is built with a thought to make it hard for others to identify. At the gate, the sculpture of six elephants by a tiger is very impressive. This portrays the valor of the Siddis. We can easily find 19 Burj inside the Janjira Fort. Chiavari, Kalal Bangadi, and Landa Kasam are the well-known guns that are found under every Burj.

The Fort has a temple and a mosque which symbolize the existence of multi-religion people had lived there. The Fort has water storage of sweet water. It’s a great surprise that in the middle of the Arabian sea a Fort lies which has sweet water storage within it. People believe that water comes directly from ground and ponds are always filled.

It is said that there is an underground hidden tunnel that connects  Fort to land, Such facts will force you to admire you the architecture and architect who build an undersea tunnel at olden times. We enjoyed a lot and came back home with lots of Good memories and experience.  Whenever you will have time, visit this fort and share your experience with us.

Pond view - Janjira Fort
Pond view – Janjira Fort
View from Beach - Janjira Fort
View from Beach – Janjira Fort



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