The belly rules the mind. -Spanish Proverb

This is my first review or post about an experience at a restaurant. But everything about the Indian Bistro was so amazing that I could not stop myself from writing. It is very tough to find a good North Indian food in Hyderabad. Normally, you will get the touch of south India even if you order north Indian Cuisine, which is expected. I have been to a various restaurant and my tooth buds always crave for that amazing taste of the dishes that used to have in Delhi – a foodie paradise.

This weekend when I read the review of Indian Bistro on Zomato about the north Indian food, I thought to give it a try and after visiting I just appreciated my decision. The restaurant is situated in Kondapur, just opposite to botanical garden on Gachibowli Miyapur road. The ambiance of the restaurant was very cozy, and the crowd was also not much. After taking our seats we were offered with the complementary Golguppas and the presentation was just Awesome, it was very different. They offered Gupchup or panipuri in a basket and two different type of water in the syringe. They presented simple food in a very different way.

We ordered Sorba and they brought it in a tea kettle(which normally tea vendor use on the roadside, and served it in a soup bowl. After the Sorba we were served one more complimentary item i.e, chuski in a small cooker. Just image chuski in a cooker, I just loved their presentation.

Chuski in Cooker

We ordered apricot kofta and velvet chicken from the main course with Garlic naan. The taste of both curries was mouth-watering and the service was also appreciable. The manager was personally going to everyone and was taking the review. He clearly mentioned to us if you don’t like something then just ask for a replacement.

The most interesting part, most of you must be knowing it but I didn’t see that way of washing hands before. They place a plate in front of us and kept magic tablet napkins. It is compressed coin tissue which opens up like a handkerchief after adding water. I was really impressed with that. Also, the way bill was presented was so different, have you ever got a bill inside an iron. The service boy placed pressed in front of us which has our bill, toothpicks (each toothpick was packed separately to maintain hygiene) and Anardana Goli.

Indian Bistro – Bill Presentation
Indian Bistro – Bill Presentation

They are not only limited to authentic food but server liquor also, they love to conjure exotic cocktails and mocktails to go along with your meal. Their specialty is Kala Khatta Mojito, Irani Mojito, Patiyala Lemonade, Vodka Guppa. Overall I was very satisfied with their presentation, food taste, quality, and hygiene, so thought to share it with you all.




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