Haridwar is the city where you can find your soul. If you are a seeker of peace of mind and soul then it is the best place for you. This city is owned by The Ganga. You can reach here by train also. There is a train from Delhi to Rishikesh – Yoga Express and it is well connected with the city. You can find other multiple trains and Buses from Delhi and stay at Haridwar is very easy, as there are so many Dharmashala available at a very genuine price. So accommodation is Haridwar is not at all expensive.

The Haridwar – the City of Spirituality –  as per Hindu mythology taking a dip in Ganga washes all your sins. We all love playing with water and hills, so Haridwar gives you both and Weather of Haridwar is also very pleasant. Harkipauri is the center of religious belief. Checkout out what all things you should watch out in Haridwar:-

Ganga Arti

Experiencing  Ganga Arti is at Haridwar is one of the best spiritual experience you will have in India. I got the opportunity to attend Ganga Arti 3 times and it was an amazing feeling which uplifted my spirituality more. The temple doesn’t have the best music system but when all the Pandits chants and offer Arti to Maa Ganga it is the next level of Spirituality and creates an amazing environment.

haridwar ganga aarti
People offering aarti to Ganga river

Har ki Pauri

Har ki Pauri is the most famous Ghat on Ganga River. People from across the globe come here and take bath in Ganga at Har ki Pauri. There are steps all around to sit and enjoy the view of flowing Ganga or just sit dip your leg in water or go and bath as much as want. Siting with legs in the water and enjoying the cool breeze will reenergize you.

Maa Ganga idol - haridwar
Maa Ganga Idol


Pandas doing aarti at Har ki Pauri - haridwar
Pandas doing aarti at Har ki Pauri

Mansa Devi Temple

The Mansa Devi temple is situated at the top of Bilwa Hils. There are multiple ways to reach here.  There are Ropeway (Local people call it “UranKhatola“). But the waiting time for rope way is time is  90 minutes to 2 hours. So make sure you have the time for waiting only.  You can go by foot it’s 3 KM distance only.  You will enjoy the beautiful scenic view. It takes 3o-40 minutes maximum but it is completely worthy. You will gert ample of Shikanji and juice shop on the way. If you are going by bike you can reach up to a limited distance after that only 5-10 min walking distance. I would suggest you go to the temple in the early morning so that you will get less crowd.  Ropeways gets close by 5 PM so you need to plan accordingly.  Once you will reach the temple you will get an amazing view of the city.

Chandi Devi

The Chandi Devi temple is situated at Neel Parva, an extended form of Shivalik hills near to Mansa Devi and Har ki Pauri.  The temple was built by King of Kashmir in 1929. You can go here by Ropeway and foot. It is again a great temple and the city looks great from there. You will get an amazing panoramic scenic view. Both temples (Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi ) have ropeway, but if you will buy ropeway tickets from here then give some discount on the tickets.

Shanti Kunj Gayatri Parivar Haridwar

Shantikunj as per the name, it is is the Home of Peace. It is the headquarters of Gayatri Parivar. It is a none profitable organization. It is a very clean place. They sing bhajan (Devotional songs). At sharp 4:30 AM there is Maa Gayatri aarti and  After aarti there is a yoga session and you can have free breakfast at 6:30 am, the food was very awesome.  It is a must visit place in Haridwar.  In the campus, you will find many stalls that sell religious books and some other religious stuff. If you like to do charity then you can offer here as it is completely none-profitable organization and they would not force you for any charity, it all depends on you.



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