Mysore King

I just love Mysore city for its cleanliness, culture, and places that it offers to explore. The city has lots of thing in it and will never leave you alone to feel bored. It is historically rich with several monuments, has the oldest zoo in our country, has multiple ancient temples to explore, garden to rejuvenate our soul, several museums to express its love for art and many more untold things which will make you to fall in love with it. It was another morning in the mysore and i  thought to visit wax museum, by now it has been 4 days to me in the city and still I had list to visit. “Melody wax museum” is privately owned museum and its theme is mainly music. It seems that artist is in love with different genre and culture of India. The museum is close to Mysore palace, around 3 KM away from palace. To know more about Mysore palace click here. The museum not only has statue but has a large collection of original musical instruments, which are brought by the artist, Shreeji Bhaskaran and spouse Reena. The couple is an IT professional but their passion to mould a wax into sculpture gave us the wax museum.  

Mysore King wax statue
Mysore King
wax museum, mysore
Showing the gap between rich and poor
Wax Museum, mysore
Mahatma Gandhi
wax museum, mysore
Latin American Guitar Family
wax museum, mysore
South Indian Classical
wax museum, mysore
Representing the punjabi culture

wax museum, mysore


wax museum, mysore

Practical information about Museum:

This museum has 19 galleries, each representing the art and music from the different part of India/World. The museum contains around 300 different musical instruments and around 150 real life-size statues, showing dance and music from the different regions like Indian Classical music such as Hindustani and Carnatic, Tribal, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock,, Punjabi Bhangra, Middle East, Chinese,  etc. Museum has some major social figure like Maharaja of Mysore.

To create a wax museum, it took around 50kg of wax and 2-3 months of time.  After creation of the statue, it takes few more days to coloring, clothing of the wax. Some of the statues are brought from other countries to India.

Melody Wax Museum entry fee and timings:

The Museum opens every day in a week and from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. The entry fee of this museum is 30 RS, if you are carrying a camera then you have to pay 10 Rs extra for the camera.

How to reach:

This museum is well connected with the city. You can reach this place by using public transport. This place is very close to Mysore Palace.




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