Your light pocket shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the world. Get informed, be wise, and travel to your preferred destination at a budgeted price.

Travelling is food for the soul. It rejuvenates our health, broadens our perceptions, and gives us an opportunity to witness the endless beauty that Mother Earth has to offer. Sadly, as affiliated industries realize the vast potential of capitalizing this market, it keeps getting expensive – from hikes in hotel accommodations costs and travel insurances to overpriced flight and train tickets. Despite all of this, it’s still manageable to travel in a budget with a few essential tricks up your sleeve.

1. Choose your location and time of travel appropriately

There are countless locations to witness around the world, each of them offering something unique in terms of culture, heritage, cuisine and natural beauty. You should opt to visit places that are cheaper than their mainstream versions. For example, you could choose Gaziantep, a gastronomical haven in Turkey, over Istanbul for a richer and cheaper experience. Finally, even if you choose a destination that’s relatively expensive, travelling during the off-season can significantly lower your accommodation charges.

2. Get frugal with your transportation

Transportation incurs a third of your travel cost. While booking return flights, make sure you use the Incognito mode on your browser as it can reduce the price by a handful amount. Also, flights on Tuesdays are much cheaper than any other day of the week – so staying flexible with your travel dates can reduce the overall cost of the booking. If you wish to roam within the country that you are visiting, opt for public modes of transportation. Although they take longer than a personal vehicle and might be more tiring, you are bound to have a fascinating and sometimes weird experience. If renting a vehicle is the only option, spend some time and energy in gathering fellow travellers to share the cost.

3. Choose your insurance wisely

A travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for any budgeted trip, albeit spending some money on its purchase. It takes care of your well-being in a foreign country in the face of unforeseen circumstances, without which you might spend a large amount of money in one go. To make an informed decision about getting the best coverage within your budget, you can refer to the Progressive Markets report for a comprehensive review of the global travel insurance market.

4. Find cheap modes of accommodation

This point cannot be stressed enough. Accommodation also accounts for a major chunk of your travel budget. Staying in a hostel or as paying guest, as opposed to an expensive hotel room, can ensure that you spend the significantly lower amount of basically sleeping for the night. Hostels are perfect if you are travelling solo and wish to meet other backpackers. They usually offer free breakfast and has a kitchen that could be used to cook up tasty meals with your fellow hostelers. If you decide to stay long-term in one place, it advisable to rent an apartment on a weekly or monthly basis.

5. Embrace the regional culture and learn how the locals do it

Locals, who have been living at a place for decades, possess information you wouldn’t usually find on websites or from other travellers. Ensure that you mingle with them, for they could tell you about the path less taken that’s cheaper and more beautiful. Embrace their culture to learn about where they shop and what dishes they cook, and eventually try cooking them at your hotel or apartment kitchen. Cooking your own meal can cut down on otherwise expensive meals at restaurants.

Travel cheap, travel wise

At the end of the day, the lack of money shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the rich heritage and natural beauty that the world has to offer. If you are flexible, open-minded and don’t mind getting your shoes dirty, you could travel at a fraction of the cost that most industries advertise.



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