Salar Jung Museum is a great collection of the art object. The museum is on the southern bank of River Musi. It has artistic achievements of diverse European, Asian and Far Eastern countries of the world. Most of the objects are acquired by Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan popularly known as Salar Jung III. The zest of acquiring art object continue as family tradition till three generation.

Salar Jung Museum

Symbol of Hyderabad dynasty

Visiting time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. (It is closed on Friday)

Entry Fee: The entry fee for Salarjung Museum is Rs 20 per person, while for children it is Rs. 10 per children. For foreign tourists, the ticket price is Rs. 400 per person. If you are carrying any camera then Rs. 50 ticket for it.

How to reach: It is well connected with the city, multiple TSRTC buses connect the monument with key railway and bus stations. You can also use a cab or autorickshaw to reach here.

Who was Salar Jung and Why Salar Jung:

Salar Jung was basically from Saudi Arabia. Sir Mir Turab Ali Khan, “Salar Jung I”, GCSI (1829–1883) traveled 16 countries, Indian statesman of Hyderabad. He was considered the greatest Prime Minister of Hyderabad and was given the title Salar Jung and was first of the three with that title. Oxford honored doctorate, Nizam gave him “The Salar Jung” and the British knighted him as Star of India, and was addressed by that name. Mir Laiq Ali Khan was the “Salar Jung II” and Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, “Salar Jung III”. Salar Jung III traveled 34 years of his life. He visited 44 countries. His father and grandfather and himself had great Hobbies to collect artistic object across the globe. All the objects were the part of the Royal place, after the death of Salar Jung III, Indian government declared his place as Museum(1953). Earlier Salar Jung III was an army chief later he became the prime minister (wazir) and his salary was 7,000 fixed by Nizam of Hyderabad. Salar Jung was a good football player. He won lots of football trophy. Prince Albert(husband of Queen Victoria) was the best friend of Salar Jung.

Salar Jung Museum  Salar Jung Museum









Main Focus point

The Museum has 5 separate room. Every room has its own type of collection. Clock room, Armory room, Ivory Room, Stone room, Painting Room. Cloth and miscellaneous room.

Armory room: In this room, you can find a great collection of arms like swords, Spear, dagger, guns, and armory. This armory room becomes important because You can find Aurangzeb, Bahadur Shah Zafar’s and Shahjahan sword here. This room has a great collection of thumb ring (it is used during archery) Shahjahan thumb ring. Not only sward you can find various types of bow, arch, guns, pistol here. You can be amazed to see that various types of antique gunpowder container. This room is a center of attraction. In this room, you can see 25-40 KG armor suit, it is used by the solder of that time. You can also find different types of Spear. Armory room has such a great collection that it will hypnotize you.

salar jung museum   salar jung museumsalar jung museumSalar Jung Museum










Ivory Room: This room contains very fine ivory artwork. You can see chairs, tables, dagger and more objects made of ivory.

Salar Jung Museum
Ivory ball containig 3 separate ball inside
Salar Jung Museum
Ivory objects
Salar Jung Museum
Ivory mat









Clock Room: This room has several ancient clocks. This room can amaze anyone. Moon watches, Dial revolving watched and many -many more.

Salar Jung Museum
Salar Jung Museum
Salar Jung Museum












Stone room: In this room, you can see very precious and rare stores work. There was a time when these stone works use to be in 35 countries, but now only 5-6 countries doing these works.

Painting Room: A Great collection of painting. Museum has four 3D painting. It is a great artwork. All painting is oil painting. There is a painting in which “Jesus Christ” with his mother and sister. It is said that there is only 4 painting like this.

 Salar Jung MuseumSalar Jung MuseumSalar Jung Museum










There is a Sculpture room where a great sculpture of Veiled Rebecca can be seen. Veiled Rebecca statue is created by a single stone and it is created in such way it you can see the cloths and ornament of Rebecca while she is covered by Veil. A great example of artwork. There is 3 sculpture like this in the world.

Salar Jung Museum
Veiled Rebecca
Salar Jung Museum
There is a scupture have both face good and evil. It is a great piece of art.













This is a must visit place in Hyderabad. You would love it. Please visit this place and let us know your thoughts… Happy Travelling….


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