If you are a coffee lover then Coorg is the perfect place in India for you. Hot and brewing coffee will leave your mouth watering. Coorg is renowned for its coffee plantation, all around there are lush green coffee plants. When I planned to visit Coorg one of my friends suggested us to take a coffee plantation tour for a day, so we stayed nearby coffee estate. We spend around 4 hours clicking pictures of coffee beans on plants, also saw local people drying coffee beans, when we were served coffee I just filled up my lungs with brewing coffee.

coorg coffe plant
Coffee Beans Plants
coorg coffee beans plants
Coffee Beans Plants

Coffee seeds on the treeThis tour provides me a deep idea of the history and art of preparing coffee. We picked up some coffee berries on our tour around the plantation. It will help you to interact with the locals who will explain you the techniques used in the coffee plantation. They will explain you the process of preparing coffee beans, which are ready to consume such as pruning techniques, picking, and drying.


There is mainly two type of coffee beans that are cultivated in Coorg, Robusta, and Arabica. If you will head to Coorg between December and March then you can pick some Robusta coffee bean and from April to November, you can pick Arabica beans. During the tour, they will take you through 4 x 4 vehicle and will stop you provide you a deep knowledge of soil to check deep insight of amount of moisture, whether needed to grow beans. They will tell you how to make a perfect cup of coffee. The fresh air infused with the distinct aroma of coffee and the sprawling green lush will be the only things that will remain in your memory.

coorg dry coffee

The tour will leave you with unforgettable memories, inexplicable beauty of the place will fill your heart with immense pleasure and peace. You will also enjoy bird watching.




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