Dubai is a rhapsody in pictures. Every precious landmark makes the perfect picture against the backdrop of more perfection. If you were to think of Dubai, what comes to mind first? Isn’t it the simply ecstatic silhouette of the incomparable Burj Khalifa, with its spire piercing the very skies? Is it not the palm tree-shaped Palm Islands, which spreads out its branches to welcome all the world? The Museum of the Future is another evocative design whose image makes its home on your retina. Pictures again.Beautiful, effervescent images that simply don’t leave you, even after you leave Dubai. Here’s the magnificent Dubai in pictures for you – each wonderful landmark accompanied by a professional shot. Enjoy!

1. The Burj Khalifa

The Burj KhalifaThe majestically tall BurjKhalifa is a mind-blowing sight; it’s unimaginable just how many pictures of the Burj Khalifa have been taken, shared, used as desktop backgrounds and printed on cards. Way too many to count. This incredible sight is even more magnificent inside. What people wait gladly in queues for is the chance to get to the 125th floor for the At The Top Burj Khalifa experience. The whole of Dubai is laid out in front of you from the 360 degree viewing platform with its strategically placed telescopes. Once you experience this amazing panoramic view from the 125th floor, only the view from the 148th floor can surpass it. Be sure to sign up for both!

2. The Museum of the Future

The Museum of the FutureThe Museum of the Future is an architectural wonder. Oblong in shape, the LEED-certified building is a photographer’s delight. Dictated by Feng Shui, the top of the building’s shape represents the sky while the bottom represents the earth. The hole in the middle represents the unknown. A very philosophical point in all. The building is inscribed with Arabic calligraphy all over its façade. The smooth exterior comes to us courtesy of the aviation industry. The exterior is covered in 890 joint-free fiberglass and stainless steel panels. Only the floors are horizontal in the entire building.

3. The Palm Islands

The Palm IslandsThis uber-ambitious project by Nakheel Properties has been a resounding success, garnering praise from all over the world. The Palm Islands were constructed to make accommodation for the deluge of tourists that arrive in Dubai every year. The island is shaped to resemble a palm tree with its branches spread out. The shape is so very evocative that the Palm Islands is one of the few recognizable objects seen from outer space.

4. Atlantis – The Palm

Atlantis – The PalmAtlantis, The Palm is a resort hotel that offers luxury beyond luxury. In fact, the kind of luxury this hotel offers has been referred to as other-worldly luxury. The top-drawer skyline views are so eye-catching and iconic, that people go crazy capturing pictures of the dhow-shaped hotel. The Atlantis has a waterpark, an underwater suite and the Lost Chambers Aquarium, which brings the lost city of Atlantis to life. The pink, palatial structure of the hotel towers over its neighbours. The distinctive Arabian archway beckons warmly. The resort hotel, located on the tip of the Palm Jumeirah Island’s crescent offers breath-taking views of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline.l

5. The Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al ArabIf you dream of staying at the Burj Al Arab, start saving. That’s how expensive a single night at the Burj will be. This uber-expensive hotel is worth every penny though, with its gold fittings and fantastic ambience, superb bespoke service and extravagant décor. It is the most extravagant hotel in the world, bar none. No arguments. The hotel is shaped like a sail, to complement the dhow-shaped Atlantis The Palm. It’s the world’s first seven-starred hotel. The billowing sail, the glittering gold interiors, the convex huge aquarium wall on the ground floor and ultra-spacious suites have given this hotel an iconic status.

6. Dubai Marina

Dubai MarinaDubai Marina is an exquisite man-made canal which has become the cynosure of Dubai with its uber-luxurious resorts, yachts and lifestyles. You’ll find the most luxurious hotels lined up here, and the most expensive cars in the world parked in a row along the oceanfront. Aristocratic residential palaces, swanky hotels and simply extravagant entertainment and shopping centres complete the scene. A highly Instagram-med image, the Dubai Marina is an address to be proud of.

7. The Cruise Show

The Cruise Show
When in Dubai, don’t miss taking a cruise on the beautifully renovated golden show. The show is a traditional vessel that’s been used by the tribes of Arabia for ages, for trading, smuggling and transporting fish and pearls. Now this vessels is used for cruising the Dubai Marina, Dubai Canal and Dubai Creek. In the evenings, when the beautifully-lit up dhow makes for the best picture ever. It’s an Instagram favourite as well.

8. The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai FountainThe Dubai Fountain is a magnificent musical fountain show that’s located directly outside the Dubai mall, situated on the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake. Water shoots up into the air to a height of 500ft plus, to the accompaniment of classical and contemporary music from around the globe.It’s an incredible sight – thousands of jets of water shooting into the sky, in myriad changing colours, in perfect timing with the music. The Dubai Fountain makes for not one, but a million perfect pictures.

9. Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water CanalDubai new, picturesque water canal is a 3.2km long waterway which starts from Dubai Creek and winds its way to the Arabian Gulf, passing through Business Bay. Along its waterfront are landmarks such as the St Regis Hotel, the W Hotel and several exclusive lifestyle precincts. The Dubai Canal turns a good part of Dubai into an exclusive island. The AED 2.7 billion canal is a sight to behold. It cuts through the Sheikh Zayed Road, meanders across Safa Park and gets into the Jumeirah Residential district. From here it connects to the Arabian Gulf. There are cycling paths, mechanical waterfalls, walking paths, bridges and a whole gamut of features, all of which make the Dubai Canal a true Instagram delight.

10. The Dubai Frame

The Dubai FrameWhat makes for a better picture than an actual picture frame? The 152-meter tall Dubai Frame encapsulates the north and south of Dubai betwixt its borders, providing a perfect picture. The 93 meter-wide Frame is balanced by the two towers on the sides, which are connected by a 100-square-metre bridge. There’s a 25-square-metre glass panel inserted into the bridge via which you can enjoy fabulous 360 degree views of the city. The ground floor contains a museum that showcases Dubai’s transformation from pearl diving and fishing village to the prevent day tourist nirvana destination.
Dubai will keep you enthralled for days, and there’s the fear of you getting attached to your camera or phone, coz you’ll keep clicking away! Every image will make its home in your heart – that’s the care that this magnificent city takes to ensure that its constructions are of the highest quality and design.



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