We all make mistake and do forget things, it sometimes becomes very awkward when we know that we have forgotten something but don’t know what. No matter whether you are traveling for business or leisure, there are always certain items that you need to carry with you. Below we have listed some of the essentials items that a man should carry in his travel kit and also added some tips.

Suitcase or Bag

You must be thinking that how anyone can forget suitcase, of courses it would be a blunder if someone does. But here the point is about choosing the suitcase – You should always prefer a light weighted, durable and right size suitcase for your travel. Most important thing is to have some unique identification in case you have to get it submitted somewhere during travel.


Of course, you will be carrying an extra pair or will be wearing one, but check the climate of your destination and plan well accordingly. Such as it might be winter at your place but it can be too hot at your destination, so better carry some extra pair of shoes, slippers or whatever suits you most. For example, carry sneaker if you have to walk a lot or carry formal shoes if you are going to a business meeting.

Shoes make an outfit; they’re like rims for a car — omari Hardwick


Decision making of clothes is similar to shoes. We need to take care of the climate of our destination, if its summer at your destination has some light such as cotton cloth and if its winter thus carries an extra pair of sweaters or woolen wear. Make sure that you get your cloth packed well and can easily manage them in your suitcase, so that they may not get the wrinkle.

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on the society — Mark Twain

Grooming Kit

Plan well for your grooming kit as it has lots of little things to keep if you travel frequently than its better to never touch it for normal use. There are some of the things that you should always recheck —

Comb – the basic thing, Razor or trimmer – a very essential part of  face or body groomer, Hair Gel and Beard Cream, Toothbrush and Toothpaste – you can never be confident if your mouth smell bad, paper soap – you never know when you will need it, face cream and deodorant – must go in your kit. Make sure you pack things well such as pack razor in a plastic box and verify twice that nothing is leaking. Remember to pack sunscreen, if your destination has a sunny day as harsh sunrays can tan your skin and have a harmful effect.

Medicine Bag

Might not be necessary for everyone but some basic medicine you can always carry with you in case of emergency. Also since travel sometimes causes long sitting so carry something to minimize the acidic or gastric problem.


There are some tools which will add some extra stress-free travel such as, nail clipper and nose hair scissors. Also, do carry your phone or laptop charger – never to forget it.


Some of the accessories like sunglasses, noise canceling headphone must also become a part of your travel. Sometimes you might want peace but nearby it could be too noisy so why not to have the earphone.

At last but not least all of the above are of no use if you are not carrying your wallet and some id proof for travel.



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