Hyderabad is famous in the world for a couple of reason and the Charminar is one of them. It is a great example of Islamic architecture. This has the same importance that Taj Mahal has for Agra and Eiffel Tower for Paris. Charminar is the most searched historical place in Hyderabad.  This masterpiece of art was built by the fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 century, ASI is maintaining it nowadays. It is among the top 10 historical places in India.

Reason Behind its construction

In history, most of the top monuments are built either for showing love or for showing their glory, but the reason behind the construction of Charminar is bit different, it is said that it was built to commemorate the end of the plague.  It took around one year to complete. The architect built this with a concept that only two minar is visible from four sides. The structure also looks beautiful from inside. There are amazing artwork inside the monument that will force you to think 🙂

 Architecture of Charminar

The monument provides the best example of cross ventilation. All the arch in the structure are ornated in a different way but all follow the same pattern: on top, the arch ends in a bud with a relied medallion on each side, beneath this there is a layer of design and motifs. And the third layer id floral motifs. It is a square structure with four grand arches on each side facing the open streets, these streets used to be the royal ancestral streets of Hyderabad. At each corner of structure stands a minar of 56 meter high. Each minar has a rounded dome at the top with a delicate petal-like design at the base. The balconies and balustrades are arranged very well with the abundance of stucco decorations. It is made of granite, mortar, limestone and pulverized marble.

The Charminar is a  Four-Storey building. The top floor of the building is a mosque. When Britishers ruled this city, they added a clock on the four prime directions in 1889 and they added a “Vazu” in the center with a small fountain for ablution before offering the prayers at the mosque. It looks mesmerizing when it illuminate from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.  There is four similar structure around Charminar.  There is also a replica of “Mecca Masjid” nearby Charminar.

Stucco decoration at Charminar wall, hyderabad
Stucco decoration at Charminar wall
Stucco decoration at Charminar ceiling, hyderabad
Stucco decoration at Charminar ceiling
Balcony view inside charminar, hyderabad
Balcony view inside charminar
Balcony view, hyderabad
Balcony view

 Places nearby Charminar

Mosque view from Charminar, hyderabad
Mosque view from Charminar

There is a “Lad Bazaar“, also called “Bridal Bazaar”,  nearby Charminar. King Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah established the Lad Bazaar on his daughter’s marriage. This bazaar is as old as Charminar but the tradition is still preserved. This market is famous for bridal stuff. Double-storeyed structures stand to both sides of the road. This market is also famous for various names like Chudi Bazaar, Joda Bazaar, Murga Bazaar, Judwa Bazaar, Meena Bazaar, Lad Bazaar is also known for pearl market.

At the entry gate of the Charminar,  there is a street shop that sells old coins of India and currency of the different country. You can buy any currency which ever you like. There is a Chowmahalla Palace nearby Charminar. This palace is considered as One of The Greatest Memoirs of Asaf Zahi Dynasty.

Visiting time:  9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
Entry Fee: 5 RS for Indian Nationals

Camera Charges: Rs 25
How to reach: Multiple TSRTC buses connect the monument with key railway and bus stations.

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