borra cave
As I mentioned in my earlier post about my visit to Vizag and train journey of Araku, next destination that comes up in the list is Borra caves. The journey to Borra caves itself was very amazing.

Location and how to reach

The caves lie in and around the Ananthagiri valley of Vishakapatnam district in Andra Pradesh. We book a cab to Borra caves from the railway station and it was quite near to the station, you can easily find a conveyance to Borra caves. Outside Borra caves, there is a government hotel where you can full your tummy and local people can also help us in finding some small level hotel where you can enjoy local food.

Discovery of Borra Caves

Located on the east coast of India, Borra caves is a must visit place in the Anathagiri hills. There are several legendary stories behind its discovery such as, the cave was discovered by a villager who in search of his cow entered into the cave and found Shiva Linga, and then villages made a small temple to preserve the Shiva linga and thanking God for getting the cow.

Well, the most accepted part is that a British geologist William King discovered the caves in 1807. After his discovery of this million years old cave, it became a tourist destination. The caves are considered to be the largest natural caves in India. They are made out of limestone and are at an elevation of 1400m above sea level. The caves attract a large number of tourist every year and are known for its breathtaking stalactite and stalagmite formations such as Rishi’s Beard, Shiva-Parvathi, Mother-Child, Human Brain, Tiger, Crocodile, and Cows udder.

borra cave shiv temple
borra cave shiv temple
borra cave
Borra cave


Our Experience at Borra Caves

Borra Caves are deemed to be one of the largest in the country and are perched at a whopping elevation of about 705 meters. The caves are karstic limestone structures which have the depth of around 80 m and are considered to be the deepest cave in India. Some parts of the caves get natural light and some are in the total dark, the combination of both makes a great sight. Lights falling on the limestone structures makes them looks marvelous and different shades of artificial light on these structures will give different photo shots.

borra caves borra caves
The guide inside will keep on resembling the structure with some known shapes but that’s not needed as the structures are themselves very amazing. Watching the hanging limestone structures beneath the ground with a combination of light and dark was a good experience for me. Since we went on a group we shouted a lot inside the caves and enjoyed a lot.

Whenever you go to Vizag, I would recommend you to visit Araku Valley and Borra caves as well.




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