Dubai isn’t popular only for its amazing architecture, magnificent supermalls and exotic nightlife, but it also offers mesmerizing nightlife entertainment opportunities to tourists. Both safe and wild experiences are available in Dubai so a person can choose one of his or her choices.  There are numerous nightclubs present in Dubai where professional DJs offer their service and participants can dance on the music beats to enjoy the par at the fullest. Usually, these night parties start from Thursday due to the fact that Friday and Saturday and weekend days in Dubai.

Unlike the other European countries, you must follow the strict dress code and moral restrictions in Dubai and wear acceptable clothes irrespective of your gender. Only adults ages 25 or above can come to a nightclub while the drinking age is 21 in Dubai. You must have a passport, driving license, or an ID card to enter into the club. So, don’t forget to keep your ID card with you and check the advisable age limit for the club.   UAE is very stern regarding traffic rules and you can’t give any excuse for the traffic violation. Clubs start failing up after 10 p.m. and parties must end at 3 a.m. Without any further ado, let’s discuss some of the best places in Dubai to enjoy the nightlife.

Madinat Jumeirah

It’s a world-class resort where people dress to impress. You have to reach earlier if you want to spend the night here as a lot of visits this cluster building on weekend and latecomer can face parking issues. The beautiful place looks like a complex yet traditional market where lavish markets are present and it’s also the reason behind its name ‘Madinat Souk’. Plenty of high-end restaurants present there where you can enjoy scrumptious food while sitting around the artificial canal build to enhance the beauty of the place.


Passionate lover and lovebirds shouldn’t miss Trilogy that is known for hues and lights. The beautiful building has three portions and every portion offers different yet amazing features. Rooftop gives you entertainment opportunities beyond comparison and provides you with super party facilities. International DJs come to Trilogy on a weekly basis and make the party full of passion, thrill, and fun. Chameleon Clun is also present in Trilogy that changes colours and stuns every eye from its second to none beauty.

Dubai Marina

It’s a heaven for families and couples who want to spend a peaceful time together. It’s situated alongside an artificial canal that reflects amazing hues when lights fall on it and also Dubai Marina is one of the most prestigious neighbourhood. Couples can walk alongside the canal and enjoy the night breeze, stunning lights, and spectacular buildings of Dubai. Restaurants and cafes are also present around Dubai Marina where you can enjoy delicious Arab food after the long romantic walk. Yacht ride is also available to add value to your night and it lets you see the beauty of Dubai on a short trip. See Burj Khalifa from close and check the mesmerizing beauty of the city with your loved one. Dubai Marina also has jogging and cycling tracks for fitness enthusiasts and families having kids with.


This pyramid-shaped place is a stylish restaurant cum bar where you have to reach earlier during the evening to prevent entrance screening. The name is given after an Egyptologist Howard Carter. The place offers drinks at sensible rates to visitors while there is no dress code for ladies on Wednesday which is specific for ladies only. It’s a beautiful and stunning place with a lot of fun full activities and provides great drinking facilities. The pyramid shape of the place distinguishes it from other visiting places while the amazing environment proves it unbeatable in amusement.

So, enjoy your trip to dubai and let us know about your visits in the comment box.



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