Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.-Ibn Batuta

It was long back when I visited Delhi but the memory of my trip is still fresh. My Mussoorie trip is one of the most remembered trips, this is the place where my love blossom ;). We were seven friends from Delhi, one of them come up with an idea to visit Mussoorie on Thursday and by Friday we were all set for our road trip. We booked a cab from Delhi, and started our journey from Ashok Nagar, in the way we pick our friend from Noida and now we were all set to leave for Mussoorie by 1:00 a.m. We were in Mussoorie by 9:00 a.m and checked into our hotel by 10:00 a.m. The view from our hotel was amazing, I did not remember the name but it was on mall road, so everything was perfect for us. We all took rest for 2 hours and then set out for our journey to kempty fall.

Kempty fall

Kempty fall is a 40ft waterfall and was developed by the British officer for organizing tea parties. We left our cab on top and follow the stairs to have a refreshing bath in the fall. On the way to fall, you will find lots of shops to buy items whatever you like, some of them are good for clicking pictures such as, have the picture with the different type of hats, mask etc. We spend around 3 hours at fall and as it was the month of February and water was chilling us. There are changing rooms and you can also hire clothes from shops near fall.

kempty fall, massorie
kempty fall
kempty fall, Mussoorie
kempty fall
Terrace farming view
Shop on the way to Kempty fall,Mussoorie
Shop on the way to Kempty fall

Company garden

After kempty fall we headed to Company garden, it is also a major tourist attraction of Mussoorie but the time we reached we did not found it much exploring, there were very few flowers. Though the municipal has maintained the garden well and there are the variety of plants. But with friends, we can have fun even in the desert so we enjoying some swing rides. There was a shop inside the garden where we enjoyed the campfire with a snack for around one hour. We then return back to our hotel and enjoyed the shopping and food on mall road. We were out on mall road till 10:00 pm. and it was an awesome walk with friends.


Gun hill view, Mussoorie
Massorie view from gun hill
View from Gun hill, Mussoorie
View from Gun hill

Gun Hill

We get back to our hotel at 10:00 p.m. and enjoyed playing antrakshri till 1:00 a.m. Next morning it was time to pack our bag and reach home but before that, we went to Gun Hill – the Second highest peak of Mussoorie. It is a popular place for photographer, lover, Himalayan viewer and many more. It is easily accessible by ropeway and foot from mall road. We all sit together at some silent place on top to enjoy the peace and scenic view. After refreshing our senses we moved to Mussoorie lake which was in our route to Dehradun. This place offers various activities such as pedal Boats, Paragliding, ziplining, Gun shooting and Archery games. We enjoyed paddle boating and did zip lining since paragliding was closed at that time. There are several shops in the area and options for food. we stayed for around 3 hours here and moved to our home.


When we reached Dehradun we Sahastradhara distance mark and ask our driver to take us there and later we were proud of our this random decision. This is a sulphur spring and is well known for its medical value and therapeutic merits. We took a bath over here, there are barriers to slow down the water flow. There are several small shops nearby the area where you can change clothes. We enjoyed our tea after bath and campfire too. It is not advisable to stay late here as you will hardly find tourist after sunset and since we were on another side of bank and light was too low, we found it little difficult to cross the river but all the way this was the best part of our trip. We then board our cab and came back to home with lots of memory and better understanding with our friends.

Zip Lining, Mussoorie
Zip Lining
ShastraDhara, Dehradun








Traveler tip:- I found Mussoorie as little overrated hill station as there was very little to explore, might be it could be best for honeymooners when there is snowfall.






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