Skiing is one of the most wonderful winter sports in the world. However, the sport is full of inherent risks. You need to consider the safety tips to protect yourself from accidents and injuries while enjoying the skiing. For the people who are new to skiing, even a small mistake on the slopes can turn all the enjoyment into a nightmare.

So, you need to consider the safety as your top priority while enjoying your favorite winter sport. Here are the seven most important safety tips that you should consider while skiing.

Follow the Snowsports highway code

The international ski federation has laid ten rules for skiing and wakeboarding that are legally binding in the same way as the traffic rules for driving a car. Every skier and snowboarder should know these rules before hitting the slopes. For example; every skier needs to ski according to his ability and general conditions. Another rule says that the skier or snowboarder in front of you has the priority.


Self-control is the most important thing that you need to maintain on the slopes. You need to retain enough control to slow down and stop anytime you want. When you have enough self-control, the skiers or snowboarders in front of you are also safe, and skiers behind you need not dive out of the way. Even one novice losing control can cause a chain reaction of collapsing skiers.

Set a meeting place before starting

Skiing in a group is a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains. If you are in a group of your skier friends, there is a possibility that different skiers want to ski at different velocity while some want to ski at different terrains. Also, it is possible that you may get separated from your group. Therefore, you should set a meeting point in the mid-day for lunch. The location for the meeting should be agreed upon before you start skiing in the morning.

Avoid collisions

You should know how to avoid a collision while skiing on the slopes. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all the times. The more skills as well as experience you have, the more you will be aware of your surroundings. The main reason of collision on the slopes is losing self-control while skiing. Another cause of the collision is that the skiers do not obey a basic rule which says that you should always look uphill before setting off. The snowboarders and skiers follow different paths to ski on the slopes, and they may surprise you on turns.

Do not forget to wear a helmet

Helmets are not only meant for keeping you safe while riding your vehicle on the road. Well, you can’t afford to lose your brain! It is indeed one of the crucial things that you have to protect as accidents occur without notification. When it comes to skiing, it is vital to wear a helmet in order to protect yourself from tree branches or unexpected accidents.

Look uphill when heading downhill

You must fix this rule in your mind that the skiers who are ahead of you or downhill skier will always have the correct way. Also, make sure that your eyes are opened so as to see other skiers around you. You also have to take the blind curves and rollers gradually if you are skiing first time in a particular place. The reason being, you will never know what could be over the hill. You must look uphill if you are heading downhill in order to give the correct way to other skiers.

Stay safe in the trees

It is always better to ski with at least one person when trees come in your way. Also, make sure that both of you keep in view as much as possible. If by chance any of you lose visual contact, then calling out to each other is what you can do at the moment. Actually, trees are often grouped together, and therefore, one can get caught up in the trees. Another thing that you must take care of is, not to use wrist straps. The reason being, ski poles can easily get into the trap of branches.

Apart from these tips, you also have to make sure that you consider body armor. Moreover, do not forget to observe all the posted signs as well as warnings. You also have to wear essential safety equipment as it will help in preventing broken bones or another kind of terrible injuries.

No doubt, skiing is an interesting sport. But, one has to take precautions in order to protect oneself from hazardous situations. Make sure you follow these seven tips so that you can enjoy this amazing sport along with keeping yourself safe.




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