“Winter is here” and the only thing which can protect us from the long cold dark nights of winters is, of course, the warm of a quilt. As per a recent survey conducted by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) more than 9,000 people died out of the cold during 2016 in the United Kingdom alone. This figure will surely pale in comparison when compared to the loss of human life on a global platform. Food, Shelter, Clothing, and warmth are the very basic necessities of mankind. Therefore, people dying due to cold is something which should be immediately addressed. The basic necessity of warmth can be duly fulfilled by taking advantages of products such as quilts which not only provide warmth but also are comfortable. Following are the facts which people do not know about quilts and quilting.

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1. It is said that quilts were initially originated from ancient Egypt and then was gradually brought to Central America during the twelfth century. In order to keep people warm, the Egyptians stitched up torn clothes and leftover scraps to form a larger clothing material. This stitched patchwork was adopted by the women of Central American and became a part of the fashion trend later down the years.

2. The quilt is not only used during the winter as people from the Mediterranean also used it to protect themselves from the fire. It was also used as an armor to protect warriors and soldiers fighting on the battlefield. Quilts are often diversely used as décor or as flooring mats for children. People have also used quilts as a canvas to showcase their creativity. In fact, people from South Africa used quilts to encode secret messages and symbols in the late 17th century.

3. Quilt making is not only an art form but also serves as the livelihood for of several women around the world. Pioneer women mostly from the developing countries are involved in making and designing of such clothing structure. The art of quilting is a tradition which has been passed on for several generations. Canada also hosts the world first Quilting Organization which was established in the year 1981.

4. There are various designs of quilts that are currently being sold. Designs such as Red and White Quilt (pieced quilt), Baltimore Album quilt (Appliqué quilt), and Depression quilt (spider web), Quilt in the Gee’s Bend style (Gee’s Bend quilts), Art quilt (modern quilt) and so on are quite prevalent.

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5. The world’s largest quilt is the AIDS Memorial Quilt which approximately weighs 54 tons. However, the world’s largest historical quilt is in Antler, North Dakota. There are so many museums that are responsible for organizing quilt shows to make people understand that it is not just a thing to wrap around us in winter rather it is an amazing piece of artwork which we can uphold.

The art of Quilting has been present with us for a long period. If you want to find out more about quilts and the art of quilting then kindly research on “Best Quilt Blogs” and attain more knowledge by reading similar articles.



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